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The possibilities of a single gold leaf

The hospitality of single gold leaf that can be set a float,

gazed at or eaten.

Crystal Rose offers lovely edible gold leaf that lets you enjoy a brief moment of hospitality.


Edible gold lead is usually formed into flakes that top food and confectionery. However, Shokuyo Egara Junkinpaku “KOTOBUKI” is edible gold leaf which can be floated in beverages. This product uses a new technique that allows the gold leaf to remain floating on the surface of a beverage while it is being enjoyed. Unlike with beverages that have gold leaf mixed in such as ginjo (premium sake) containing gold leaf, this gold leaf does not gradually sink to the bottom. Additionally, KOTOBUKI uses gold leaf made from 99.99 percent pure gold. Use it on occasions when the best hospitality is required. Gold leaf, prized in ancient times as a medicine that conferred youth and longevity, floating in a drink hints at the gold culture rooted in Japan, once called “Zipangu, the land of gold.”

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